Chocolate & Bread Factory + Aquaria Visit

April 15, 2009

Somewhere in the month of February, approximately 40 students attended this program organized by the Sunday School. We headed out of Klang and kick-start our journey by bus. First stop was Beryl’s Chocolate Factory.


~Teachers, parents and children were loading up the chocolate store~


Everyone had their chances to taste the chocolate samples. It was fun for the kids as they get to eat free chocolates with many variety and some even took a whole lot in their hands. -cute-.

~these are the facts on how many calories consume according to the sizes~


~we were brought to a media room to educate ourselves about chocolates~


In this trip we learn that there are 4 types of chocolates they are dark, white, milk and compound.

If you’re a chocolate lover but worry about putting on extra weight, you might want to go for dark. White is not good if you’re on diet because it contains only sugar and butter, no cocoa. Milk is everyone’s favorite and it’s the most delicious one, but be careful not to take too much amount because it contains milk, cocoa, butter and sugar only as it will mainly cause tooth decay and other obese diseases. Lastly, compound is excellent for those who are on diet.

Only few pictures were displayed as cameras were not allowed inside.

~here is our group photo outside of the factory. it was real sunny and hot outside as you can see some of the children were not able to stand the heat ~


After the chocolate factory, we hopped into the bus and continued our venture to the High 5 Bread Factory! Once we arrived at the main entrance, everyone felt in love with the lovely aroma of the bread.


~High 5 was really kind to sponsor us free breakfast in the morning~


Thank you High 5

Inside we learn about the history of bread. Who,where,when and how it all started. It was really nice to walk through the alley in a built in cave and watch the bread process. They brought us to picture ourselves in the olden times until the new era. It was an amazing experience.


After two visits, our stomach starts to growl as it was time for lunch! Mc’ Donald’s was our destination, perfect to make everyone happy and satisfied. After lunch, we headed to the mini Aquaria in Shah Alam.



Indeed this road trip with the places we visited was absolutely fun and amusing for all the children and adults. Thank you for the committee members of the Sunday School who dedicated themselves and work hard to make this program a successful one. Most of all, thank you to our Almighty Lord in heaven who blessed us through out the entire wonderful journey. We certainly enjoyed ourselves very much.

In Him we serve.


Little Chef

February 21, 2009

This event was held last year in August 2008.

Many children and parents were involve in this Fun-tastic hand-making food event. Woohoo!

This event was organized by the Sunday School teachers in order to search the cooking talent in this little chefs and to have a  joyful good time with these children.


The smile he put on his face while carrying those mini American hot dogs makes us  feel… awwwww.. Roll


this cute little girl really loves the fruit cake she make.


making ang ku kueh!


mmmm yummy!


The turn out of this event was a success one!

Thanks to all who have dedicated their time and effort in turning this adorable little children into  great little chefs.

Oscar Red Carpet 2

In Christ we serve.

Hello world!

January 13, 2009

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June Birthdays

June 22, 2008

Birthday girls (L-R) Catherine Chirng, Christina Lim and Jacqueline Tan

This is the healthy way of blowing out three candles by three different people so that the cake won’t be drenched with saliva 🙂

Cradle Roll Class

June 15, 2008

Today is Father’s Day. Here’s the cradle roll class in session. There are four sweeties aged one and below.

Amanda Lopez is so sleepy

Kaitlyn Tan is always active

Heng Jiao Jaye is precocious for her age

Cuddly toys for daddy

With teacher Annie, So and Ai Kee

Amanda Yu’s (the pretty girl in pink) one year birthday

With the ladies from Cheras church, here to observe our Sunday School (seated back row L-R Sis Liew, Veronica, Cynthia and Sis. Liew’s daughter)

Any babies out there who’d like to join us? Please contact the church office (see sidebar or email

Sunday School teachers meeting : April 2008

April 21, 2008

Here are some pictures of our meeting yesterday courtesy of Sam. Unfortunately, the younger teachers couldn’t join us, mostly due to study and work commitments.

As usual, there’s always good food to be had before the meeting. Thanks to Yam Kem for the chicken porridge and coffee, Jenny for the kiam p’ng (long bean rice), So Lee Choo for the yew char koay, Catherine for the red bean pulut and Helena for the kuih bingka.

Watch out for details on the coming VBS to be held during the mid-year school holidays. Date : 26-27 May 2008 (Mon/Tues).

Bread making – 13 April 2008

April 21, 2008

Primary 1 class making hotdog rolls. Thanks to teacher Catherine, Lee Hua and Ai Vee for organising the baking session. The smell of freshly baked bread is one of the simple wonders of life.

Zoo trip – 20 March 2008

March 20, 2008

A total of 72 made it to the zoo, out of which 44 were children and 28 adults.

Cardmaking – 2 March 2008

March 20, 2008

Nineteen of us (including one little girl and three guys – Sam, Simon and Raymond) got together to make cards for Sunday School. Miss you cards, birthday cards etc are available for teachers to use. Get them from sis. Lily.

Thanks to bro. Sam who took these pictures and to Lily for the spaghetti lunch.